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Masterclass: Fueling for Race Day

Training for a half or full marathon? Learn how to feel energized during your long runs & get ready for race day.

LIVE sessions: Thursdays Feb. 15 & 29, March 7 @ 11:00 am CST

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3-Part Series: Learn how to fuel your long runs and avoid "hitting the wall" on race day.

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This 3-part Masterclass series is designed to help you learn how to fuel your training for your upcoming half or full marathon. You'll learn what to eat before and after your run; how to fuel and hydrate during your run to avoid GI issues; and how to avoid "hitting the wall" on race day.


LIVE sessions will be held Thursdays Feb. 15 & 29, and March 7, 2024. Each session is hosted via Zoom, about 60 minutes in length and includes Q&A. Replay available if unable to attend live.

What you'll learn:

Feel energized on your training long runs and recover faster.

Know how to navigate all the energy gels, chews, and food options and choose what works best for you.

Understand your unique fluid and electrolyte needs to avoid nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, and GI issues during long runs.


Know how to fuel to avoid "hitting the wall" on race day.


Create a fueling plan for race day morning, including for late start times like Boston Marathon. 

Nutrition tips while traveling to your race

Join the Masterclass!

Learn to fuel your run to set a new PR!

Topics We'll Cover:

Session 1: Pre-run fuel & post-run fuel 

LIVE: Thur, Feb. 15 @ 11:00 am CST

  • What, when, and how much to eat before & after your run to get the most out of your training; recover faster; know how runners over 40 have different nutritional needs 


Session 2: Fueling & hydrating during your run

LIVE: Thur, Feb. 29 @ 11:00 am CST

  • How many carbs you need; determining your fluid & electrolyte needs; pros/cons of caffeine; how to train your stomach to prevent stomach problems, nausea, & headaches


Session 3: Race day fueling strategy

LIVE: Thur, March 7 @ 11:00 am CST

  • How to properly carbohydrate load, what/when to eat race day morning; fueling logistics of race day (how to carry fluids/gels, etc.); destination race travel tips; late start fueling tips

Hey, I'm Kristy!

Kristy Baumann, RDN

I am a 12x marathon runner, mom, and carb lover. I've been where you are. For the longest time, I thought I was fueling properly for race day -- even after becoming a dietitian. Except, I would struggle to keep my pace, always get muscle cramps, and experience GI issues on race day. I thought carbohydrate loading was eating a large pasta dinner the night before the race and staying hydrated was just about drinking water. But, I was missing one of the most powerful tools as a runner - a proper fueling strategy. Since making changes, it has transformed my running. Now I help other runners learn how to properly fuel so they no longer 'hit the wall', or experience cramping, or GI issues on race day.

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