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Training for a half or full marathon? Learn how to fuel your runs & get ready for race day.

This 3-part masterclass series is designed to help you get a jumpstart on knowing how to fuel for your upcoming half or full marathon. You'll learn what to eat before and after your run; how to create a fueling & hydration plan for during your run; carbohydrate load for race day. Each session is about 60 minutes in length and includes a live Q&A. 

After registering, you'll get immediate access to the replay.


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This is a 1-hour masterclass for those running Boston Marathon 2023 and want to make sure you go into the race being well fueled and having a plan for fueling on course. 

  • how to fuel race day morning with a late start

  • carbohydrate loading while traveling

  • tips for navigating the on course fuel


Live class will be: Thursday, April 6 at 12:00 pm CST


If you're unable to attend the live, the replay link will be emailed out shortly after.

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