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You've come to the right place!

If you find yourself counting calories or macros, obsessing over food, dieting, or feeling like you need to run to earn your food - which only leads to feeling of food guilt - it's time to make a change so you can live your life without the stress and reach your full running potential. That's why I created Food Freedom for Runners, a 3-month coaching program that guides you with your nutrition and transform your relationship with food & your body.

Next group starts May 2024!

COST: $997 (for 3 months coaching) - add your name to the waitlist to save!

Food Freedom for Runners

This program is for you if you:

You find yourself dieting or obsessing about food/calories and want to learn how to create balanced meals for your training without counting/weighing.

You feel lost when it comes to your nutrition as a runner.

You're ready to stop dieting, counting, or weighing food once and for all.

You have "food rules" or fears around eating certain foods which often lead to feelings of food guilt.

You find yourself eating "clean" or "healthy" during the day or work week, but then struggle with overeating or bingeing at night.

You feel confused with identifying your hunger & fullness and want to learn to trust your body.

You want to work on improving your body image.

Who is nutrition coaching NOT for?

If you have an active or recently diagnosed eating disorder.

If you're looking for a quick nutrition fix, without putting in the work of trial & error and doing the inner work.

If you're looking to count calories or macros or follow another restrictive eating plan like keto or intermittent fasting.

If you're only looking to lose weight. I take a weight-neutral approach and focus on helping runners have a healthy relationship with food and feel strong on your runs. Weight may go up, stay the same, or go down.

You're looking for a one-time nutrition session.


Let's Chat

Fill out this short application and we can chat more. I will send you an email or direct message (DM) on Instagram and we can chat more. I want you to feel confident in joining and will share my honest opinion if it's a good fit or not.

What you'll learn:

Know what and how much to eat based on your level of training. You'll learn how to create everyday balanced, satisfying meals and snacks.

Master your fueling before, during and after your runs so you get the most out of your training and recover faster.

Create personalized race day fueling & hydration plan.

Overcoming stomach problems. You'll learn how to train your stomach & navigate GI issues that pop up during training or race day.

Find your self raiding the pantry? Or mindlessly eating at night? You'll learn the most common reasons why this happens and strategies to prevent overeating.

Learn nutrition strategies for preventing and overcoming injuries so you can continue to run for years to come.


When you join you'll receive...



Throughout the 3-months we'll meet 6 times as a group via Zoom. Each call we'll cover a specific topic (about 30 minutes) and spend 30 minutes for Q&A or workshop style learning to implement changes. Live calls provide an opportunity to receive direct coaching from Kristy, hear from other runners, develop action steps, and receive direction to keep you moving forward. If you're unable to attend live, Zoom calls will be recorded and available for replay. Call times will be based on group availability.



You have the option to submit 2 to 3 days of a food log to get direct feedback from me how to make your meals more balanced and satisfying to support your running. You'll share pictures of your food, how you feel before/after a meal, and your internal dialogue to guide you towards a food freedom mindset. (This is completely optional and not recommended for everyone.)



The private community of like-minded runners is one of the best parts! You are not alone in working through challenges and finding food freedom. Use the group to hold you accountable, ask questions, and get feedback every week between our calls.



These printable handouts, homework, and resources supplement the topics we'll cover each week. Use them as a quick reference so you have clear guidance and actionable steps to help you work through the framework. There are reference sheets for meal and snack ideas, identifying & breaking food rules, creating a running fuel plan, working through body image mindset shifts, and more!

Let's Get

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